Tollesboro Elementary School

2431 West Kentucky 10 Tollesboro, Kentucky 41189 Ph. 606-798-3231 * Fax 606-798-2515
2431 West Kentucky 10 Tollesboro, Kentucky 41189 Ph. 606-798-3231 | Fax 606-798-2515
2431 West Kentucky 10  |  Tollesboro, KY 41189
Recognized by the KY Department of Education as a Distinguished and High Progress School
From Mr. Underwood:  Congratulations Tollesboro Elementary School!  This time one year ago, I was extremely humbled when our testing data was released.  At that time, we had received the title of being a Distinguished and High Performing School and ranked in the top 90% of all elementary schools in the state of Kentucky.  Now one year later we have done it again!  Based upon the most recent data release, TES made huge gains across the board.  I should have started by stating that this year is the first year that the state is not assigning titles to schools but our numbers speak for themselves.  Even though no “official” title will be given to TES we all know in our hearts exactly how we performed and how we stacked up to other schools around the state.  I truly believe that the success we are having here at TES is a direct result of the hard work and dedication first and foremost of the teachers and staff.  There is so much that goes on “behind the scenes”  on any given day it is hard to recognize everyone for what they do.  Our staff and students understand exactly what we are trying to do and that is what makes us so effective.  Everyone sees the big picture.  Everyone wants to work hard to make the biggest impact on the lives of our young people and scoring good on a test is just the byproduct of working really hard every day! As the principal, I give all credit first to God and the people he has put in my life.  I have a wonderful support system from the students, parents, staff, teachers, board office staff and Superintendent Weddington.  This system allows me to lead in a way that puts students first in every decision I make.  I could not be more proud of my students and staff.  To show our appreciation to them, we had a fun filled day before fall break.  The day started off with a buffet style breakfast catered by my mother, LCHS cook Sandy Underwood.  Students were greeted in the bus lane with a fist bump or a pat on the back as they made their way into the building which had been decorated with signs and posters advertising key highlights of the most recent data.  After a short morning assembly which included former TES students who are now in 7th grade every child received a gift bag filled with treats.  At 10:00 am, a movie and snack was shown in the gym.  After lunch, every student was given an orange float to help celebrate.  Teachers used the day as a teachable moment especially for the youngest of students to explain to them how hard everyone had worked and how that hard work pays off.  To end the day, we had a glow party where students were able to enjoy themselves by hanging out in the gym with the lights off and over 600 glow sticks glowing while listing to music!  Test scores can be a funny thing.  Like a sports team you are bound to have those years you do really well and those years that you don’t do so great.  We are coming off two extremely amazing years and will continue to keep up the pace.  One thing is for certain no matter what the results are on “one test” at the end of the year that is not what defies TES.  It is the hard work that is done daily that defies us. Below is some data that compares the last two years. Highlights 2015-2016-Overall School Wide 74.4 (Distinguished and High Performing School ranking in top 90th percentile among the state) 2016-2017-No official titles are given but please review the data below 15-16 achievement score of 62.9 to a 16-17 achievement score of 77.5 PD stands for students scoring Proficient or Distinguished Novice is the lowest performing score   Reading Overall 51% PD to 54% PD 50% PD in 3rd to 55% PD 54% PD in 6th to 76% PD Math 3rd-21% novice to 14% 5th-17% novice to 7% 6th-20% novice to 3% 3rd-55% PD to 68% 6th-51% PD to 72% Overall 18% novice to 13% Overall 52% PD to 57%
Social Studies 21% novice to 9.6% 44% PD to 65% Writing 13% novice to 9.6% 43% PD to 77% Language Mechanics  4th-28% novice to 15% 6th-22% novice to 15% 4th-39% PD to 65% 6th- 58% PD to 70% Overall-25% novice to 15% Overall-47% PD to 67%
TES celebrated awards day the week of October 23 for the first nine weeks of school.  Students earned certificates for A /AB Honor Rolls, and perfect attendance.  We also celebrated September Students of the Month, pumpkin contest winners, and 6th grade math and science students for August and September.
Students of the Month for August
Jan 2018 - TES Awards for the 2nd 9 Weeks. Great job TES students. Keep up the good work!  Students earned certificates for A /AB Honor Rolls, and perfect attendance.  We also celebrated October, November, December  Students of the Month, and 6th grade math and science students for October through December.
Feb 2018 - Congratulations to the TES Academic Team on being Runners up at the 2018 District Governor's Cup! They are also the Quick Recall Champions this year and several individual students placed in different subject areas. Great job to all the members of the team and Coach Carla Polley for all their hard work. Also, thank you to Crystal Thayer and Charity Stout for all your hard work in making the Governor's Cup at TES a success this year. Lastly, thank you to the parents, staff, and community for your continued support.